Partner Summary

What do you get?

As a capital partner you are entitled to a salary and a severance package that are pre-determined before entering into the partnership agreement. The salary and severance are determined based on the initial capital contribution.

It’s important to remember that every partnership opportunity is unique and is designed based on the portfolio. The numbers demonstrated is this example are subject to change and will be demonstrated in your capital partnership package prior to you becoming one of our partners.

Your Partner Salary
As a capital partner you are entitled to a salary of 10% of your initial capital contribution annually. This salary will be paid in the manner of your choosing bi-monthly for 15 years.
Severance Package
At the end of your 15 year partnership with Infinity Wealth, LLC you will be given a very generous severance package that multiples your 10% salary to 40% for 5 years, continuing the same payment schedule and terms.
Saying Goodbye
At the end of your partnership contract, Infinity Wealth will retain all ownership of the parcels included in the portfolio and your last severance payment will end your affiliation with Infinity Wealth, LLC for that portfolio.


Get In Touch

If you are interested in a labor free, stable and secure, and unburdened income please contact us today. We would love to answer any questions you have and put together a customized portfolio option for you to consider. We want to work with serious partners who have expectations for a long and happy business relationship.