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Technology has driven the professional world in the direction of information, data, research, analytics, and comprehensive evaluation but one industry seems to be struggling to adopt these modern marvels, finance. While many companies have incorporated some technology like apps, automated tools, streamlined data, and others much of the financial industry is still operating in the stone age. 
Investment managers are still calling on successful people, who have applied their intelligence and hard work to building some financial security and independence, and asking that they risk their livelihood in stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments. This method of investing has proven disastrous on several occasions. 

Our principles realized long ago that this concept of investment was unstable and predictably failure prone. So, after several years of research and dedication of resources Infinity Wealth was created with the idea of replacing the traditional investment model with highly precise and exclusive capital partnership opportunities. 

By examining multi-family real estate opportunities and putting them through an advanced algorithm, we are able to very quickly determine deficiencies, opportunities, and even predictive profit modeling. Properties that meet our standard are consolidated in a portfolio and offered as partnership opportunities. 

Our Mission and Values

With over 20 years of dedicated technology, data, and financial experience, combined, our strength is in our ability to be at the most cutting edge of advancement. 


Our Mission is simple, we want to revolutionize the way people think about investments. You read that correctly. We simply want to revolutionize the investment industry. 


In order to accomplish our daunting mission we must have more than vision, we need to have an executable and proven model. That is why we spent years developing and testing this approach. 


This only works when there is 100% transparency and integrity. We are highly unique in that our structure of business allows us to put all of our promises in writing. Making Infinity Wealth the only capital partnership with a guarantee and the confidence to back it up. 


Meet Our Team

With decades of experience and accolades between them, our principals are the future of money management and investment opportunity.

Sam Adams

Sam Adams


A highly skilled and successful entrepreneur, Sam has been involved in the building or managing of several multi-million dollar businesses across various industries.  

Kevin May

Kevin May


A highly skilled and successful entrepreneur, Kevin has been involved in the building or managing of several multi-million dollar businesses across various industries.  


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