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We want to give people a new way to build for the future. Built on the concept of making money work for you instead of you working for your money, we have options that move you away from traditional investing.

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What We Offer

Infinity Wealth, LLC is here to provide you with the opportunity to put your free capital to good use. Much different than traditional investments or playing in the stock market we are looking for capital partners who want to put their money to work. The concept is simple, find properties that have significant deficiencies, consolidate, improve, and profit.

Our mission is to provide successful entrepreneurs, athletes, and celebrities all of kinds with a financial option for the future. One that doesn’t rely on the volatility of the stock market. We want partners in success and we are willing to do all the heavy lifting to give you the security and freedom that you want.

Infinity Wealth, LLC is made up of 2 independently successful entrepreneurs. Both principals bring experience, professionalism, and unparalleled tenacity to the company and our acquisition strategy. We believe in business processes like identifying, consolidating, partnering, improving, and of course profiting.


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Annual Return


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It is critical that we separate ourselves from the average investment firm. When you come on with us you are a partner, not just another investor.


Our concept is simple, you contribute capital, we put in the sweat equity to produce results. Use your annual returns as income, fun money, or a way to double your retirement.


Our partnership model gives you a level of security you can’t find with another firm. Your distributions and initial contribution are protected by insurance and proven revenue models.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions regarding some of the conditions of our partnership model. Our goal is to make you our partner in an entirely exclusive single offering. We aren’t looking for investors or multiple rounds of money grabbing. We identify and isolate the best parcels for our portfolios, share them with potential investors, and then choose the person we feel is the best fit.

Unlike other companies offering real estate investments for “flipping” or REIT’s, Infinity Wealth is trying to build a real estate empire comprised of the most elite partnership group in the United States. We have heard clients say for years “If I could have gotten in on the ground floor of that company…” well this is that opportunity.

What are we doing?

Revolutionizing the investment landscape. And it’s about time. This isn’t a REIT or another market driven investment vehicle. This is a completely new financial opportunity. You become our exclusive capital partner and in return for your contribution you will have a guaranteed salary and a compelling severance plan. We are offering you the ability to make a comfortable living with two swipes of a pen.

How can we do it?

Through a strategic mathematical algorithm and some elbow grease Infinity Wealth has found a way to identify available rental real estate that currently generates revenue strong enough to pay all parties and then some. By identifying these properties and areas for increased efficiency we know beyond any reasonable doubt that the properties are currently capable of fulfilling our guarantee.

What's in it for Infinity Wealth?

First, Infinity Wealth is run by two independently successful entrepreneurs who don’t rely on immediate returns to sustain our lifestyle. This gives us a very unique position that other companies can’t offer. The only time the principals of Infinity Wealth make a profit from a portfolio is when they reconcile deficiencies that produce higher net operating incomes. Furthermore, Infinity Wealth will retain the title of all properties in the portfolio giving the company significant assets for future endeavors. We’ll take the long position to ensure the best immediate result for our partners.

Infinity Wealth, LLC gave me the chance to plan for a future that seemed uncertain. In my profession you can be on top of the mountain one day and falling to your death the next. My partnership gave me the security I needed.


My company went through rapid expansion and I didn’t have a clue what to do with my excess income. Infinity Wealth gave me an opportunity to protect my money while continuing to grow my wealth and have more freedom.


I have been investing for years. I have a retirement account, a stock portfolio, and a solid income from several companies I own stakes in. Infinity Wealth was an opportunity for me to earn a stable income for my hobbies.


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