How it Works

Partnership Strategy

A revolutionary new process that puts successful professionals in control of how their free capital can work for them.

Insured Opportunity

Confidence Matters

We have all seen markets rise and fall and usually that means our money is at risk. When we invest our work in property we have the advantage of a market that is nearly recession proof and comes with insurance to protect us from total loss. 

Financial Security

Partner not Investor

This is not an investment. This is a partnership. Where you bring capital and patience and are rewarded with a productive compensation plan. No more guessing how the market will reward you, it’s in writing. 

Minimal Effort 

Mutual Benefit

We take the long position while ensuring our partners get the immediate returns. Our sweat equity becomes an asset and your confidence gives you comfort and freedom. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

Infinity Wealth is a revolutionary real estate company. Compromised of 2 elite principals looking for exclusive partners in our acquisition conquest. We are a relatively small firm and we like it that way. Our principals have learned through previous highly successful ventures that controlling size helps control quality and ultimately generates the highest returns.

What are we doing?

Revolutionizing the investment landscape. This isn’t a REIT or another market driven investment vehicle. This is a completely new financial opportunity. You become our exclusive capital partner and in return for your contribution you will have a guaranteed salary and a compelling severance plan. We are offering you the ability make a comfortable living with the ease of two swipes of a pen.

How can we do it?

Through a strategic mathematical algorithm and some elbow grease Infinity Wealth has found a way to identify available rental real estate that currently generates revenue strong enough to pay all parties and then some. By identifying these properties and areas for increased efficiency we know beyond any reasonable doubt that the properties are currently capable of fulfilling our guarantee.

What if something goes wrong?

In the terrible event that one or several of our properties became unable to produce revenue, through man made or natural catastrophe, as a partner would be given an option to withdrawal your capital input. Since the properties will be equitable and insured from acquisition we know for certain that your capital will always be safe.  

What's in it for Infinity Wealth?

First, Infinity Wealth is run by two independently successful entrepreneurs who don’t rely on immediate returns to sustain our lifestyle. This gives us a very unique position that other companies can’t offer. The only time the principals of Infinity Wealth make a profit from a portfolio is when they reconcile deficiencies that produce higher net operating incomes. Furthermore, Infinity Wealth will retain the title of all properties in the portfolio giving the company significant assets for future endeavors. We’ll take the long position to ensure the best immediate result for our partners.

Step 1

Building our Partnership

Let’s take a look at available partnership opportunities. During this process you will be provided with up to 3 options with different sizes of capital requirements and compensation plans. 
Once we have identified the most suitable option we will sign a letter of intent which gives us the freedom and flexibility to negotiate the portfolio with confidence. 
If the acquisition costs fall within the parameters of our partnership we will start to put together the legal structure and documents to move forward with our partnership. 

Step 2


Once we have the legal structure and financials in order, we make our acquisition. The portfolio will be owned by Infinity Wealth and the Management Agreement will include our Partnership. This is how we ensure compensation plans and how Infinity Wealth benefits in the long term.

Step 3


These properties are targeted through a highly intelligent algorithm that identifies profit deficiencies and opportunities. Once we have acquired the properties the responsibility to manage and optimize the earning potential of the entire portfolio rests squarely on Infinity Wealth. 

Final Step


For the duration of our partnership Infinity Wealth will continue to manage and optimize the capitalization of the portfolio. Depending on the structure of our partnership we will enjoy 15-20 years of highly stable compensation.


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